June 2, 2020 Message from the ARVC Board of Governors

Dear ARVC Members,

After reviewing the re-opening plan set forth by Governor Baker, consulting with the North Attleboro Board of Health, and weighing the club’s current resources, the ARVC Board has determined an initial plan with respect to the 2020 season.

First, regarding tennis, we have determined that the tennis courts will be open and fully staffed with the explicit restrictions set forth in the ARVC 2020 Tennis Plan attached hereto as Schedule 1. Members will be required to sign this waiver to participate. At this time, the staff are making sure all requirements are met to open the courts safely. Please note, however, that this situation is fluid and any update to restrictions will be quickly communicated to membership.

Unfortunately, given the phased approach and related restrictions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Board does not currently see a way to open and operate the pool, while ensuring the safety of our employees and members. We are communicating with several other local pool and tennis clubs who are all facing the same challenges. This open dialogue has helped us obtain leads on items needed in anticipation of the potential opening of the pool.

We want to be clear, the Board has voted to not open the pool at this time, but to leave the option for a potential opening at some point. If at a later date, restrictions drastically change and the data shows it is safe to open, then the board may reconsider this decision. We understand some members may not agree with the decision, but know our Board of Governors hasn’t made any of these decisions lightly.

We are all members that want to enjoy the summer together again safely. It is our true belief that the diversity of our Board allows us the ability to see many differing points of view and not just a small percentage of our community. We have further been working to respond to questions, comments, and suggestions from our membership. At no time was any option or opinion overlooked or discarded, however, our most important question in every scenario has to be: “can we do it safely?”

We have received some membership questions recently and we would like to answer them here:

Where can I get the latest news and information from ARVC?
The Board will communicate formally via email announcements, which will then be posted on our website and social media. The board does not actively monitor Facebook posts or comments so any questions relating to pool or tennis opening should be directed to info@abbottrun.org

Due to limited opening, will I receive a credit towards next year’s dues?
This year, as every year, the Board will do a review of ARVC’s finances at the end of its fiscal year (October) and determine if anything can be done based on how the season unfolds.

If I don’t feel comfortable, coming up to the club will I receive a refund for this year?
No. ARVC is a member-owned organization run by its Board of Governors, which means each member, including the Board, is obligated to contribute its portion of dues annually. Approximately 80% of member dues are allocated to ARVC’s year round expenses, which include, but are not limited to debt service, insurance, property tax, utilities, management/staff, capital improvements, state and town permitting, and
landscaping. The remaining 20% is allocated to seasonal expenses.

Can I take a leave of absence if I don’t feel comfortable coming up to the club?
Please see response above.

*** This Notice will serve as the final request regarding dues payments. Please note that if you have not paid your balance or reached out to make payment arrangements by Tuesday June 9th your membership will be forfeited. Please contact treasurer@abbottrun.org for payment options.***

ARVC Board of Governors


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